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This unique modality of bodywork uses a powerful system of diagnosis, theory and technique that facilitates deep transformation.

Shin Tai is an innovative evolution of shiatsu that was developed by Saul Goodman. Saul is the founder and former director of the International School of Shiatsu, which has branches in over 15 countries, and the author of The Book of Shiatsu and Shiatsu Shin Tai. He has been traveling and teaching Shiatsu Shin Tai throughout Europe and the U.S. for almost 40 years.

Shiatsu Shin Tai expands on traditional Shiatsu massage to create an evolutionary system of diagnosis and technique that stimulates the flow of life force in the body.  A unique synthesis of structural, fascia, meridian, and chakra technique, this therapeutic bodywork clears stress from the body, and naturally stimulates the flow of energy.  


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I have been using Shin Tai/Life Force Recovery work for over 25 years and have found it to be very effective in my Shiatsu/CST practice. Using it first is like getting ‘the motor running’, as Saul says. It makes the rest of the treatment flow better and my treatments are much more efficient and allow the receiver to make positive changes in their lives.
— Liz Arundel, Shiatsu Shin Tai instructor; United Kingdom
Treatments have put me back on the path of living life and not disengaging. It was like plugging into the the circuitry – I WOKE UP. A shift of consciousness happened and I am awakening to what needs repair in my life and what needs to be adjusted, rather than allowing misalignments in my system to lead me. I am changing, my life is changing, and I am enjoying the changes.
— Jason Kelly, exercise physiologist, author of The Balanced Body; Brazil